Arquivo de tag hgb10r-02

Páginas Ocultas no Modem NET hgb10r-02.

Relação de páginas ocultas no modem da NET hgb10r-02.

—–Syslogs, Kernel Logs, Memory Info etc
—– cfg com as Configurações do modem
—–Routing — RIP Configuration
—-Statistics — WAN
—-Routing — Static Route
—–Routing — Default Gateway
—–DSL Settings
—-xDSL Settings
—-DNS Server Configuration
—-Print Server settings
—-DNS Proxy Configuration
—-Standby Configuration
—-Batteries Configuration???
—-AS Server, WAPI AS functions
—-Voice, VoiIP
—-TR-069 client – Configuration
—-Routing — Static Route Add
—-IPSec Settings
Create new certificate request
—-Enable IGMP Multicast, and WAN Service
—-WAN IP Settings
—-IPSec Tunnel Mode Connections
—-Interface grouping Configuration
—-Edit Port Mapping Configuration
—-Add IP Filter — Incoming
—-Add IP Filter — Outgoing
—-SNMP – Configuration
—-Access Time Restriction
—-Broadband Router Update
—-OMCI — Download Software Image
—-OMCI System – Configuration
—-ATM PVC Configuration
—-PTM Configuration
—-GPON WAN Configuration
—-EPON WAN Configuration
—-Add a L2TP Client Side PPP Connection (PPPoL2TP WAN Service)
—-802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management
—-Storage User Account Setup
—-IP Tunneling — 4in6 Tunnel Configuration
—-IP Tunneling — 6in4 Tunnel Configuration
—-Digital Media Server settings – DLNA
—-xDSL Bonding Capability Configuration
—-Policy Routing Settup
—-PPP Username and Password
—-Tools – Update Software
—-Power Management